On the Democratic convention’s first day (June 25), Sanders supporters booed almost every mention of Hillary Clinton’s name, even when senator Sanders himself urged them to support her. ”I tuned in [Monday] and there was more white booing than the Casper movie,” Meyers quipped.

Maryland representative Elijah Cummings, who is black, gave his heartfelt speech over chants of “Black Lives Matter” and “No TPP.” Some of the Sanders contingent even booed and chanted during the convention’s opening prayer (video). Outside the convention, pro-Sanders protestors chanted “lock her up,” an ugly refrain calling for the imprisonment of Clinton, and one that was trumpeted repeatedly by Republicans during their convention last week.

The “Bernie or Bust” dissidents might be loud, but a recent Pew poll found that 90% of Sanders’s primary supporters are at least open to voting for Hillary Clinton in the election against Trump. How many actually will, though, is a question that can only be answered on November 8.

While some of his network TV rivals play it safe, Meyers has never been shy about voicing political opinions. He has discussed topics like attempts to defund Planned Parenthood and the Syrian refugee crisis with charm and wit, leading many to compare his style of political satire to that of comedian Jon Stewart’s.

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