Four tips to improve your online dating profile from the CEO of eHarmony

Eventually, they’re going to see you in person.
Eventually, they’re going to see you in person.
Image: AP/Oded Balilty
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Grant Langston was named CEO of online dating site eHarmony last month, but he’s been with the company since 2000 so he’s seen the good, the bad and the ugly of Internet dating. We asked him for his tips on how to improve your online dating profile.

Have a friend look at your profile before posting

If you’re hoping to date someone of the opposite sex, have one of their members vet your profile. And if you ‘re interested in the same sex, have a friend take a look. Ideally, find someone who doesn’t know you that well but is still willing to give an honest assessment about how it might play.

Talk about your experiences, not your stuff

It’s natural to want to show that you’re successful, “but to say I drive a 7-series BMW is very tacky. It’s better to talk about your ski trip to Whistler. Experiences can show how affluent you are without bragging,” Langston said.

Take care with your photos

Langston is amazed by the poor quality of photos users post. “I wish you could see the photos we see – it’s hilarious and it’s sad and it’s self-sabotaging.”

He recommends using a variety of photos, including at least one head shot and one that shows your entire body. It’s important to be honest, and use recent photos. After all, if you meet in person, the truth will come out. And Langston suggests heading to a park, and shooting a photo outdoors. “Everyone looks better in a green space.”

You’re trying to make a good first impression – write like it

eHarmony users may see dozens of matches–you need to work to stand out, he said. Take care in your writing, and be descriptive, so your personality shines through. “Don’t say ‘I like music,’ say what concert you went to and what you liked about it,” he said. You’ll be more interesting, and you’ll have something to talk about on a date.