All of the things we learned from Fox News’ racist “Chinatown” segment

Just a couple of white guys clowning around in Chinatown.
Just a couple of white guys clowning around in Chinatown.
Image: Reuters/Jorge Silva
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On Monday (Oct. 3), Fox News’ popular The O’Reilly Factor included a segment of “Watters’ World,” a regular video segment in which Fox correspondent Jesse Watters does unfunny but allegedly comedic man-on-the-street interviews. This most recent clip was entitled “Chinatown,” and it featured Watters sampling political opinion in New York’s Chinatown neighborhood. At time of writing the YouTube video for the segment had 200 upvotes and 1100 down votes.

Here’s what we’ve learned from this very educational video:

  1. All older, white conservatives seem to say “CHIEENA” the same way (or is it “GINA?“).
  2. It’s still OK to use that ”Chinese” melody that was offensive even at the time of the release of the song “Kung-Fu Fighting.”
  3. There is absolutely no difference between Mandarin, Cantonese, and other languages spoken in China.
  4. It’s funny that some people don’t speak English.
  5. It’s funny that some people speak English with a non-American accent.
  6. Chinatown is actually China itself, apparently.
  7. People in New York City’s Chinatown are Chinese, rather than Americans.
  8. Everything in the world is made in China.
  9. Pretty much everyone Jesse Watters interviews in Chinatown speaks more languages than Jesse Watters.
  10. All of these Chinese people in Chinatown know karate, a Japanese tradition.
  11. It’s still OK to make fun of Asians, for some reason. (Try to imagine Watters going to a predominantly black neighborhood and filming a similar segment.)
  12. It’s surprising that these Americans in Chinatown—which is in the United States—are aware of American politics.
  13. Chinese (or Asians? unclear) are “such a polite people.”
  14. All of this is “just good fun.”

Jesse Watters, everyone.