“You better pray to God you don’t get stuck with a motherf—king Melania”: Nicki Minaj weighs in on her favorite first ladies

Mixed messages, Nicki.
Mixed messages, Nicki.
Image: Reuters/Eduardo Munoz
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The pundits have decided, the editorials have spoken, the Beyhive has buzzed. The 2016 presidential campaign season is almost ready to wind down, and nearly everyone with a microphone has weighed in. As of Saturday night, so has rapper Nicki Minaj, who slammed Donald and Melania Trump at the Tidal X 1015 concert in Brooklyn, New York.

In an expletive-filled rap, Minaj gave an ode to powerful women—among them, strong US first ladies Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton—while chastising men for wanting “brainless bitches,” in what appeared to be a reference to Melania Trump.

Cause you n—as are so fucking weak, y’all got the audacity to be intimidated by a bad motherf—king queen and get your motherf—king feelings hurt. But it’s O motherf—king K, ’cause Barack needed a Michelle, bitch, and Bill needed a motherf—king Hillary, bitch. You better pray to God you don’t get stuck with a motherf—king Melania. You n—as want brainless bitches? To stroke your motherf—king ego? Well, f—k you, n—er.””

After a fan Twitter account posted that Minaj was “dragging” Melania Trump, she claimed this was not the case.

Minaj had given Clinton somewhat tenuous support in 2015, saying that she “supports her as a woman,” and that she was “a boss” but that she wasn’t yet convinced she should be president. “I identify with the fact that when she’s in that room and there are nothing but men there—there’s sometimes something in her that must feel intimidated. But I think that she uses that and turns it into a strength. Because that’s what I’ve always done,” she told Billboard.