What total confidence looks like, in one photo

Stay calm, keep going. (Reuters/Jonathan Ernst)
Stay calm, keep going. (Reuters/Jonathan Ernst)
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Both US presidential contenders Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were invited to a charity dinner Oct. 20 at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation in New York. As guests, they gave relatively lighthearted speeches, offering Americans watching a much-needed respite from the stress of the debate cycle.

In one scene captured by a Reuters photographer, Clinton stood out among the mostly male cohort in a bright pink suit, drinking from her tea cup with total composure. While Trump spoke, and audience members slumped in their seats, she sipped on.

The image captures the kind of perfect chill that comes with sitting back and watching your opponent struggle. Trump’s jibe at Clinton as ”so corrupt” at the dinner drew loud boos from the audience—just one more outburst from the candidate who’s been accused of a temperament ill-suited for the next commander-in-chief. Nationally, while Trump continues to struggle with a devastating “October surprise” and more than a dozen accusations of sexual assault, Clinton leads the polls.

The New York Time shows Trump currently trailing about 6 points behind Clinton. Its election forecast predicts a 93% chance of a Clinton win. And while polls aren’t always to be trusted, Clinton’s lead has been consistent throughout the presidential race. According to the analysis of one Princeton University expert, though it looks heated at times, the 2016 election is also the least volatile in years.