Clinton supporters are planning to vote for the first woman president wearing suffragette white

All in white.
All in white.
Image: Reuters/Gary Cameron
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For millions of American women, the chance to cast a ballot for Hillary Clinton is understandably emotional. In the 96 years since women won their right to vote in the US, never have they had a greater chance of electing a woman to the highest office in the country.

To commemorate the moment and honor the work of those who fought for their right to a voice, many Clinton supporters are planning to wear the suffragettes’ symbolic white when they head to the polls on Nov. 8. White was the suffragettes’ color of choice for parades and demonstrations, and Clinton notably chose the color to accept her nomination as the official candidate of the Democratic party, and then again for her final debate against Republic nominee Donald Trump.

The Boston Globe reported that groups of women who support Clinton have been organizing meet-ups in white, and the paper spoke with several women who planned to turn up to the polls that way. The Globe also talked to Clinton campaign aides and Democratic insiders who said they weren’t aware of the idea, suggesting it’s growing organically.

On Facebook and Twitter, women are starting to use the hashtag #WearWhiteToVote to share their intentions, or pictures of themselves if they’ve already voted.

Historians believe the suffragettes likely chose white because it represented purity and their elevated ideals. After the mud-slinging of the campaign, it may also provide a much-needed sense of cleansing.