America’s most notorious sheriff Joe Arpaio lost his race for a seventh term

He will have to settle for six.
He will have to settle for six.
Image: Reuters/Carlo Allegri
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Joe Arpaio, America’s most famous—and perhaps most hated—sheriff has lost a bid for his seventh term as the top lawman in Maricopa County, Arizona.

The 84-year-old will cede his sheriff’s star to Democrat Paul Penzone, a long-time Phoenix police officer. Maricopa County, which includes Phoenix, is the most populous county in Arizona.

Arpaio, who acted as a surrogate for Donald Trump during the presidential campaign, faces jail time after federal prosecutors charged him in October for defying a court order to stop his controversial immigration patrols. In 2013, a judge found that the patrols racially profiled and targeted Latinos.

Arpaio is also known for his harsh treatment of Arizona prisoners, including making them wear pink underwear, and erecting the so-called “Tent City” jail in the early 1990s, notorious for its inhumane conditions.

Billionaire George Soros had a hand in Arpaio’s defeat: he’s given more than $2 million to an independent expenditure committee set up to fight the sheriff’s bid, according to a campaign finance filing on Friday.