The US and Mexican men’s soccer teams capped a divisive week with a touching joint photo

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Last night, the Mexican men’s national soccer team defeated the United States in a World Cup qualifying match with a dramatic late-game header by Rafael Márquez. It was the US men’s team’s first home loss in a World Cup qualifier in 15 years (the match was played in Columbus, Ohio). And it was the US’s first loss to Mexico in such a match since 1972.

But the match was not entirely about soccer. Its timing was uncanny, coming just days after Donald Trump, who has promised to build a “big, beautiful wall” on the US-Mexico border, won a racially-charged US presidential election.

Before the match, the teams posed for an impromptu photo together, sending a clear message to those who want a physical barrier built between the two neighboring countries.

According to Sports Illustrated, Mexican forward Oribe Peralta tweeted after the match, “No hay muro que nos detenga.” In English, the tweet reads, ”There is no wall that can stop us.” (The tweet appears to now be deleted.)