A sci-fi filmmaker hilariously imagines Donald Trump’s Air Force One and motorcade

President Trump, your battle plane awaits you.
President Trump, your battle plane awaits you.
Image: Neill Blomkamp/YouTube screenshot
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US president-elect Donald Trump will soon have to decommission his personal jet in favor of Air Force One, as the twin custom 747s used to transport the commander in chief are commonly known.

Knowing Trump’s penchant for personal branding, one sci-fi movie director wasted no time in conceptualizing what the president-elect’s vehicles might look like. By adding digital effects to actual footage, South African director Neill Blomkamp showed off parodies of Trump’s plane and presidential motorcade.

Blomkamp’s rendering of Trump’s plane looks like something straight out of Mad Max, complete with several turrets sprouting from its fuselage.

Blomkamp first uploaded the videos to his Instagram, then put hi-res versions on YouTube. The versions on Instagram were accompanied by the hashtags, “#trump” and “#murica.”

If the plane was Mad Max, Blomkamp’s mockery of Trump’s presidential motorcade was more Hunger Games. See if you can spot which car is transporting the next president of the United States:

Blomkamp’s films typically depict dystopian futures. District 9 depicts a race of aliens confined to slums, exploring themes of racism and xenophobia in what’s an obvious metaphor for apartheid. Elysium imagines a planet Earth in which most of its inhabitants live in abject poverty, while the planet’s rich and elite citizens live on a big, beautiful space station in Earth’s orbit.