Ivanka Trump is meeting with Al Gore to discuss climate change

First Daughter, First Lady, or business tycoon?
First Daughter, First Lady, or business tycoon?
Image: Reuters/Carlo Allegri
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Ivanka Trump is meeting former vice-president and environmental advocate Al Gore in Trump Tower in New York, today to discuss climate change, a cause she is reportedly planning to champion during her father’s presidency.

The meeting comes as questions arise about Ivanka Trump’s position in her father’s administration, and the conflicts of interest that could result: she is supposed to take on a bigger leadership role in the family business once he moves to the White House, but, Politico reports, she also seems set on using her position of “first daughter” in ways that previous first ladies have used that role—to promote issues she cares about.

During a call with reporters, the transition team was asked whether Ivanka Trump will be representing the transition or the Trump organization during her meeting with Gore. Spokesperson Jason Miller said Ivanka was an official adviser to the campaign, and that Donald Trump would discuss the details of his business at his Dec. 15 news conference, which will be his first as president-elect. Trump is not attending the meeting with Gore.

Tim Fernholz contributed reporting to this post.