The Chilean president is not amused that her economy minister was presented with a sex doll

Image: Reuters/Jorge Cadenas Lorca
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If you’re on stage with a government minister and have a good sex joke, perhaps it’s best to keep it in your pants.

Exports executive Roberto Fantuzzi learned that the hard way this week, after he was chastised by Chilean president Michelle Bachelet on Twitter for a lewd joke at an event for his company, Asexma. On stage at the the Dec. 13 dinner, Fantuzzi presented economy minister Luis Felipe Céspedes with an inflated sex doll who had the words “Para estimular la economia“—”To stimulate the economy”—printed on a sign taped to her mouth.

As Reuters reports, other VIPs at the dinner also received gag gifts, among them a blond wig to signify US president-elect Donald Trump.

Bachelet, the country’s first female president, was not amused. She tweeted today that the gesture would not be tolerated, and that respect for women is a tenet of her governance.

Céspedes has issued an apology, saying that the meeting was positive and constructive, but that “this cannot happen and will not happen in the future.”

On Twitter, Fantuzzi also apologized, writing, “I have a wife, daughters, and granddaughters, and it was never intended to generate violence against women.”