The seating chart at Trump’s table of tech giants

Trump, Thiel, and Tim.
Trump, Thiel, and Tim.
Image: Reuters/Shannon Stapleton
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US president-elect Donald Trump held a meeting today with various Silicon Valley luminaries.

Trump Tech CEO Meeting
Image: Reuters/Shannon Stapleton

The invite list for such a meeting, however, only tells us so much. Like at a good wedding, the seating chart is key—each decision should be made with utmost caution and intention. Here is where everybody sat at Trump’s tech meeeting.

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Image: Quartz

Some items of note:

  • Peter Thiel, Trump’s most fervent Silicon Valley ally, got a seat right next to the president-elect.
  • Three Trump children were present at the meeting.
  • Actually four, if you include son-in-law Jared Kushner
  • Nobody from Twitter was at “the table,” despite Trump’s avid use of the platform. According to Republican National Committee spokesperson Sean Spicer, the table simply was not big enough.

Here’s a list of attendees and their positions, beginning clockwise from Ivanka: