The 10 jobs with the most generous annual bonuses, according to LinkedIn

Dreaming of a green Christmas.
Dreaming of a green Christmas.
Image: Flickr/ Andrew Magill (CC BY 2.0)
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Always eager to help you feel like you’re in the wrong career, LinkedIn has published a list of the professions with the biggest annual cash bonuses:

LinkedIn culled the data from its new salary tool, where users can upload their salaries to see how it compares to others in their fields. The bonus data is from professions with at least 40 entries, and excludes C-suite positions, like chief executive officer or chief technology officer.

While some of the job titles are unhelpfully vague —what is a “commercial director,” exactly?—the rough contours are clear. It pays to work for an investment bank, and as your mother always says, you probably should have gone to medical school.

Most jobs don’t come with bonuses that large. Here are the largest average bonuses by industry, also from LinkedIn: