This is the attendee list for 2017. You might be looking for the 2020 Davos attendee list or our summary of it.

The World Economic Forum’s big annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, begins on Jan. 17. While the full roster of attendees has been closely guarded at times in the past, the forum now makes a list of participants public ahead of the conference. Released today, we used that document to create the tool above.

The attendee list provided by the WEF isn’t comprehensive. There is still time for people to change their schedules or run into a conflict that would force them to cancel their plans. And as in prior years, certain high-ranking government officials don’t appear on the list ahead of time. Chinese president Xi Jinping will be the first person holding that office ever to attend, and yet he is not listed.

Nonetheless, this year’s confab includes government ministers, titans of industry, academics, philanthropists, and royalty from around the world, according to the names that are on the list. Use our tool to explore the list of those expected to attend, according to the WEF, and follow the rest of Quartz’s coverage here.