Jackie Chan couldn’t hold back his tears when his stunt team surprised him for a TV reunion

Made for TV.
Made for TV.
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Jackie Chan is usually the one to stun audiences with his martial arts skills, but he was the one who was stunned when members of his stunt team from 40 years ago surprised him with a reunion on TV.

There were tears all around—from Chan, the team, and the audience—making the segment a sensation on the internet. A video of the surprise reunion has gathered nearly 10 million views since it was shared on Facebook on Jan. 30.

When the 62-year-old martial artist and actor appeared on the Chinese entertainment show 王牌对王牌 in January, the program aired a video featuring interviews of his former stunt team members, who recalled their memories filming with him. Fixated on the screen, Chan didn’t notice those very performers creeping up behind him, joining the men on stage who make up his current stunt team. As the video ended, he was asked by the host if he missed the crew.

It took Chan a moment to compose himself, emotional from watching the video. “Even as I receive the Honorary Oscar today, it is shared among us,” he said referring to Academy Award he received in November. As he talked about getting old, he gestured and turned around to acknowledge the current group of stunt performers he works with. At that moment (5:02), he finally noticed the older stunt artists on stage, momentarily paralyzed until one calls him “Brother.”