For years, Domino’s excelled not at high-quality pizza, but in getting low-quality pizza to customers quickly. Most of its ingredients were canned, frozen, or pre-made, making it easy to toss together a sub-par pie. But being quick only carries so much charm. The company’s pizza gained a reputation for its cardboard-like consistency, and in one taste test was described as being on par with pies served at Chuck E. Cheese. (Food prepared for eight-year-olds’ birthday parties does not set a very high bar.)

Fast-forward seven years and Domino’s has a market cap of around $9 billion, propelled by its new pizza recipe and menu items such as chicken wings and salads.

There’s only one other consumer-facing company that’s performed about as well as Domino’s in recent years, and it sort of makes sense. Think about it. What is a person most likely doing while chowing down on home-delivered pizza? Possibly binging on Netflix:

Correlation? We’ll leave that one to the financial analysts.

Top 50 NYSE/Nasdaq companies (with current market cap >$1bn) ranked by share price growth since Jan. 1, 2010:

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