Sifting through your email messages to sort the legitimate from the malicious can require an overwhelming amount of time and energy. Busy IT departments may not have the scope and bandwidth to scrutinize a company’s entire email traffic. Yet, the infiltration of even one malicious email has the power to damage a company’s system and bottom line. In the corporate realm, this can translate to company-wide outages as well as deep fiscal losses.

These losses occur not only from hacking schemes, like ransomware attacks, but also in future dollars lost from customers who choose to take their business elsewhere. These customers may not feel safe staying with a company or brand whose security has been threatened. Over the long term, these feelings of distrust can fester and cause a company disrepute and ultimately large-scale business attrition. To prevent this, it is vital that organizations of all sizes and functionalities prioritize email security.

Handing the job over to a specialized service is usually the best way to ensure a system’s security. A software-based solution that offers easy self-administration, scalability, and the capability to identify and block suspect emails before they can enter or leave any inbox in a network is ideal for the job. AT&T Secure Email Gateway leverages the power of AT&T’s deep expertise and longevity to give its customers exactly that. It also provides defense analytics and proactively inspects suspect URLs within the content of the email before a recipient even clicks on them. That kind of security may provide incalculable value in its ability to prevent future losses, but no price can be put on the peace of mind it brings.

AT&T Secure Email Gateway provides email security protection that screens email and filters out known and suspected threats.

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