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A note from the 🆕 editor of Quartz at Work

Quartz taps its head of people as new editor of Quartz at Work, leading coverage and events that transform the modern workplace and the future of work.
A note from the 🆕 editor of Quartz at Work
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As someone who has had jobs since she was 14, has led people since she was 19, and has worked in the culture and strategy space since 2002, I learned early on that there is no shortage of challenges in our workplaces. After all, these ecosystems are led by humans, who are consistently fallible even as the business landscape constantly evolves.

Given that harsh reality, and the fact that I was raised by hippies, it was tempting at times to abandon the working world and live in a van down by the river. Yet, as I matured, my calling became clear: restoring humanity to our work and workplaces. That goal led me to Quartz in 2021 as chief people officer. And today it guides me in a new role: as the incoming editor of Quartz at Work.

Quartz has long known that to make business better, we need to support the world of work with guidance and resources. To do that better, we’re enhancing our approach to service journalism that creates change for employees, leaders, and organizations. This means more tactical advice, tools, and resources to design the modern workplace. In addition, our weekly newsletter will continue to take unique looks at the topics of today’s workforce–from menopause benefits to our inability to prioritize, from wellbeing to resolving conflict.

As I take on this new position, I’m reminded that to drill large holes in reservoir rocks, scientists found that using multiple lasers from numerous directions was more effective than one large laser focused on a single spot. This role is my chance at attacking workplace issues from a new angle. But I can’t do it alone.

I hope you’ll join me in examining what works well in the world of work while sharing best practices and new techniques to change what no longer serves us. Please email me your observations, celebrations, and frustrations in the workplace. Let’s elevate the conversation and create the modern workplace together.

Let’s get to work,

Anna Oakes