Tesla’s Model 3 arrives, Maersk back online, knife-wielding robots

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What to watch for today

Interpol discusses the “dark side” of the internet. The international police agency’s annual conference in Singapore will include an analysis of the Wannacry/Petya ransomware outbreaks and the “Darknet” that “enabled an unprecedented globalization of crime.”

Tencent limits children’s time on the world’s most popular video game. Beginning Tuesday, “Honour of Kings,” a multiplayer mobile game with more than 200 million users, will be capped at one hour per day for users under 12.

US markets are closed for the Independence Day holiday. Many Americans will hit the road, with gas prices at a 12-year low.

While you were sleeping

A prominent Silicon Valley VC resigned amid sexual harassment accusations. Dave McClure was accused of making sexual advances toward women seeking investments with his seed funding firm, 500 Startups. He wrote a public apology on Saturday entitled, “I’m a creep. I’m sorry,” and stepped down as general partner on Monday.

Tesla said the first Model 3 is due this week. The company’s mass-market electric car is expected to roll off the production line on Friday, part of a ramp-up to 20,000 cars per month by December. Some 300,000 customers have put down deposits, with the first cars set to be delivered on July 28.

A horrific bus crash in Germany killed 18 people. A tour bus carrying senior citizens rear-ended a truck near the Bavarian town of Stammbach and burst into flames. Thirty of the 48 passengers were rescued, though many suffered serious injuries.

Maersk brought its systems back online after a cyberattack. The Danish shipping giant fell prey last week to the Petya ransomware attack, disabling operations at many of the world’s largest ports. In the wake of the attack, Maersk shut down its entire system and resorted to handwritten records.

Quartz obsession interlude

Kevin Delaney on what to do when your plane’s engine catches fire: “One of the flight attendants announced shortly after landing that there was an emergency, that we should leave all of our things on the plane and exit by the front door. Everyone made it out of the plane safely.” Read more here.

Matters of Debate

Google is “digital truth serum” for people’s sexual desires. And online porn “is the biggest development in sexuality research ever.”

Ugliness is the peak of beauty in today’s fashion world. It’s a reaction to “normcore” nondescript clothing.

For the future of America, look to Texas. The population is shifting left, but the legislature is moving toward right-wing zealotry.

Surprising discoveries

A forensic stabbing robot could help solve crimes. It offers 60 possible stabbing positions with “a range of stabbing implements.”

Angry wives employ “mistress dispellers” in China. They’re part of an insurgent industry addressing marriages in crisis.

The White House pays women 20% less than men. That’s a pay gap wider than the national average.

Frogs survived the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs. They acquired skills like living in trees and laying eggs on land.

Archaeologists discovered a tower of skulls in Mexico City. The Aztec site once struck fear into Spanish conquistadors.

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