US visa policy, disastrous G7 summit, LeBron James’s sad record

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What to watch for today

A change in US visa policy targeting Chinese nationals takes effect. The US is expected to limit Chinese graduate students working in high-tech fields to one-year visas. It could require special clearance from multiple agencies for other Chinese nationals.

The final steps over the historic US-North Korea summit. Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un have now arrived in Singapore ahead of their Tuesday meeting on the resort island of Sentosa. Trump is expected to push Kim for North Korea’s denuclearization in the first-ever meeting between the sitting leaders of the two countries.

Brexit continues to stumble towards the finish line. The UK’s Brexit secretary, David Davis, and the chief EU negotiator, Michel Barnier, meet in Brussels. Barnier is unimpressed by the latest UK proposals over the Irish border.

Over the weekend

The G7 summit ended in disarray… Donald Trump retracted his support of their final communique after clashing with Justin Trudeau, who said Canada would enact retaliatory tariffs on the US. France condemned Trump for his “fits of anger,” while Germany’s Angela Merkel captured the tense mood in a photo on Instagram.

…while Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin made a show of unity. The regional security summit offered a sharp contrast to the chaos and acrimony of the G7, with China’s president warning against “unilateralism, trade protectionism, and a backlash against globalization.”

Swiss voters rejected a radical overhaul of banking. Just 26% of voters supported a “sovereign money” initiative that would have severely limited how commercial banks lend money. Meanwhile, voters overwhelmingly backed a new gambling law that blocks foreign betting sites from operating in the country.

We now know why Martin Sorrell left in such a huff. WPP earlier this year probed its former chief executive for misuse of company funds and alleged improper personal behavior. The Wall Street Journal reported it was over allegations he used company money to hire a prostitute (paywall). Sorrell has rejected the allegations.

Rafael Nadal proved again he is invincible on clay. He extended his own record haul of French Open to 11 with a straight-sets win over Dominic Thiem. Nadal has only lost twice in 87 matches at Roland Garros since his debut in 2005 and is now only three short of Roger Federer’s record haul of 20 Grand Slams.

Quartz obsession interlude

Alison Griswold on how Amazon could use Whole Foods’ branded seltzer to crush LaCroix. “The deal highlights how Amazon is using Whole Foods, which it bought for $13.7 billion in June 2017, to go after some of the hottest brands in consumer-packaged goods. Whole Foods introduced 365-branded canned sparkling water in September 2017, a month after Amazon closed the acquisition.” Read more here.

Matters of debate

Soccer is about everything. Including race, class, history, corruption, nationalism, and much more (paywall).

The EU should dismantle Facebook. The company is the definition of a modern monopoly.

Trump shouldn’t have cut a deal with ZTE. The agreement undermines US jobs and threatens national security.

Surprising discoveries

Lily Allen spends five hours a day on Twitter. Like many, the singer has a “love-hate relationship” with platform.

School nurses are doubling as dealers. A new Colorado law lets nurses administer medical marijuana to students with parental permission.

Eight hours of sleep a night isn’t enough. That’s according to a leading sleep scientist.

New Zealand scientists are breeding less flatulent sheep. They hope to reduce greenhouse gas emissions one fart at a time.

LeBron James has set a new record. He’s the first NBA player in two decades to get swept in the finals twice.

Instagram is reviving poetry. Social media is getting young Americans interested in poetry again.

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