Democrats in Iowa, Facebook bias, haunted house prices

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What to watch for today and over the weekend

Democrats gather in Iowa. Fourteen presidential candidates will gather in Des Moines for the Liberty and Justice Celebration, a fabled fundraising dinner that can make or break a campaign. It propelled Barack Obama to the party’s nomination in 2007.

US jobs likely took a hit in October. Though the labor market is still strong, the numbers are expected to show a slump, reflecting the impact of the six-week strike by nearly 50,000 General Motors workers, the longest nationwide walkout since 1970.

Apple joins the streaming wars. The tech giant is banking on star power, an unusually low price, and four original series to attract viewers to Apple TV Plus. But the shows have had mixed early reviews.

The Rugby World Cup reaches its climax. England faces South Africa in the final in Yokohama, Japan on Saturday.

While you were sleeping

Trump waded into the British election and stirred up trouble…The US president called into a radio show hosted by Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage and praised Boris Johnson—”the exact right guy for the times”—even as he criticized the UK prime minister’s new Brexit deal. Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn said it amounted to political interference.

… even as he slammed New York. Trump changed his permanent residence to his Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida in late September. He said he had been “treated very badly” by politicians in the Empire State.

Christine Lagarde took charge at the ECB. The former president of the IMF took up the reins at the European Central Bank, the first woman in the job. Lagarde will have to deal with major challenges, including weakening Eurozone economies, the uncertainty tied to Brexit, and the impact of the ongoing US-China trade war.

Facebook was sued for age and gender bias. A class-action lawsuit filed in San Francisco accused the social media company of withholding advertising for financial services from older and female users.

The US withheld aid from Lebanon. Reuters reported that the White House has held back $105 million in military assistance, two days after the resignation of Lebanese prime minister Saad al-Hariri. Washington has repeatedly raised concerns over the growing role of Hezbollah, the Iran-backed militia, in the Beirut government.

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Secret passages: They’re not just for royalty and wizards. Companies have been doing a brisk trade recently in hidden rooms and the clever ruses, such as phone booths and pop-up staircases, that hide them. Some of it is the speakeasy craze, but homeowners use them as safe rooms or just something to entertain the kids. Take a peek at the Quartz Obsession.

Matters of Debate

Humans aren’t really creative. Unconventional choices are often the result of brain errors.

Rich people have ruined marathons. They focus on wellness rather than competitive sport.

We should forgo tombstones. Wooden grave markers make for lower-carbon, chemical-free burials.

Surprising discoveries

Ghosts depress real estate prices. Halloween was yesterday, but the effect of haunted houses on Hong Kong’s property market continues.

Astronomers may have found the smallest black hole yet. The discovery could reveal a whole new class of low-mass black holes.

Japan has a muddy spin on rugby. Called tambo rugby, the mixed-gender, no-tackles game is played in waterlogged rice fields.

A rare trait may hold the secret to better memory. Studying people who have “hyper-memory” could help identify treatment for conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.

A life-sized Godzilla attraction is coming. An amusement park on Japan’s Awaji Island will host the 120-meter (394 ft) long statue.

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