Northern Ireland gay marriage, Singapore Air Show, late capitalism

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What to watch for today

The WHO gathers to discuss novel coronavirus research. Experts and national representatives convene in Geneva and are expected to produce a global research agenda to prioritize the most urgent projects for tackling the outbreak. Taiwan, which is barred from the WHO, will join the event online.

Northern Ireland sees its first same-sex marriage. They will be the first gay couple to tie the knot following the passing of legislation last October.

Ocado publishes its full-year results. The UK online grocer, whose shares have risen 40% over the past 12 months, is battling to retain customers and win new ones as its partnership with Waitrose comes to an end in August and it shifts to Marks & Spencer.

New Hampshire’s Democratic primary. Polls show Vermont senator Bernie Sanders has a good chance of repeating his 2016 win.

While you were sleeping

Australia’s highest court ruled that Indigenous people can’t be deported. In a landmark ruling, judges said in a 4-3 decision that two men who were facing deportation for criminal convictions hold a special status and are exempt from immigration laws.

More than 100 US soldiers have traumatic brain injuries from the Iran strike. It’s a sharp rise from the 64 reported by officials just over a week ago. President Donald Trump had initially said that the Jan. 8 attack on an American base in Iraq caused no injuries among US personnel.

Airbus unveiled an aircraft concept that blends wing and body. The European plane maker said the new design is more aerodynamic and can slash carbon emissions by some 20%. The design was revealed at the muted Singapore Air Show, which 70 exhibitors pulled out of over coronavirus fears.

New Delhi election results trickled in. Early trends show the Aam Aadmi Party on track for a big win in the legislative assembly over India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party. The results are seen as a popularity test for prime minister Narendra Modi after months of deadly protests against the new citizenship law.

The Philippines ended its troop agreement with the US. President Rodrigo Duterte made the decision after he learned that his US visa had been rescinded over his violent drug war. The termination of the Visiting Forces Agreement means thousands of American troops in the country will no longer have legal status.

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Microsoft’s success lies in constant reinvention. The 45-year-old company is regaining momentum, after struggling in the late 2000s and 2010s, as it continues to shift from a services-based revenue model to a leader in cloud computing. Our presentation for members explains how Microsoft keeps succeeding.

Quartz daily obsession

What does “late capitalism” even mean? It’s paying $400 for a pair of jeans that comes flecked with fake mud; it’s a prophetic interpretation of Marxism that predicts that the end of capitalism is nigh; and it’s a meme-ified cry of despair at the inequalities and absurdities of our economy. Unlike Karl Marx’s grave, the Quartz Daily Obsession is free and open to the public.

Matters of debate

The BBC must be kept public. It’s a lifeline for millions around the world.

There’s no such thing as “good patriotism.” It legitimizes xenophobia, ethnocentrism, and discrimination against foreigners.

Blame your laptop. It wasn’t your smartphone that ruined your work-life balance—lightweight, portable computers blurred the line irreparably.

Surprising discoveries

This year’s Oscars was the least viewed ever. Market research firm Nielsen revealed that just 23.6 million people watched the ceremony, down from 29.5 million last year.

A Moscow prankster glued a portrait of Vladimir Putin inside an elevator. Then he put a camera up to record people’s hilarious reactions.

Chinese cities halted cold medicine sales to get coronavirus patients into hospitals… Authorities aim to flush out infected people staying at home and self-medicating.

…and a Briton said he couldn’t leave Wuhan because he overdressed. His temperature check turned up high because he wore a hoodie and a jacket to the airport, he said.

The T. rex had terrifying great-grandparents. A new tyrannosaur ancestor discovered in Canada, dubbed the “reaper of death,” devoured hapless herbivores 79 million years ago.

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