IMF’s outlook, Google’s new smartphones, dirty-car fine

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What to watch for today

New Google smartphones. While bidding adieu to the Nexus brand, the company will launch two new phones: Pixel and Pixel XL. Also expected are a smart-home hub, Chromecast updates, and other hardware.

The IMF releases its World Economic Outlook. A week of meetings in Washington will follow, with topics on the agenda including the Greek debt crisis, immigration, and the slowdown in international trade (paywall).

Afghanistan seeks $3 billion in aid. At a conference in Brussels on Oct. 4 and 5, leaders will seek funds to battle the “powerful Taliban’s insurgency” and “pervasive corruption” in the country. The US contributed almost $5 billion in defense aid last year.

While you were sleeping

Russia suspended its nuclear pact with the US. Amid souring relations over Ukraine, president Vladimir Putin undermined a treaty with Washington meant to compel both sides to dispose of surplus plutonium. Russia has said it will not use the radioactive chemical to build nuclear weapons.

The Trump Foundation ceased collecting funds in New York. The state attorney general accused Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s charity of violating state law by failing to register with the charities bureau. The organization, which stopped receiving funds by Monday afternoon, has 15 days to fix its paperwork defect.

Brazil’s BNDES said it will stop financing coal- or oil-fired power plants. The development bank said the move will discourage carbon-intensive energy projects, and it released new guidelines for pubic financing in the power sector. It’s also boosting financing in solar energy.

Jason Rezaian sued Iran. The Washington Post correspondent was held for 18 months in a Tehran prison. The lawsuit, filed in the US district court in Washington, says Rezaian was subject to “torture and other cruel treatment” and suffered ”irreparable harm.”

Quartz obsession interlude

Jason Karaian on the unsoundness of the pound. “British prime minister Theresa May said Oct. 2 that she would officially start the process for Britain’s exit from the European Union no later than March 2017. As Brexit looks more and more like a ‘hard’ break from the EU, the pound plumbs new depths.” Read more here.

Matters of debate

Treat your email inbox like your real life mailbox. Take control and break free from the time-sucking tyranny of the rule of reciprocity by learning to ignore some requests.

Indian women shouldn’t have to sacrifice their careers to live in America. They can’t easily work because of conservative in-laws, unsupportive husbands, and—worst of all—a class of visa that is almost Victorian in its restrictions.

A “moral economy” isn’t just idealism. We badly need ethics on Wall Street (paywall).

Surprising discoveries

Abu Dhabi is towing dirty cars. The fine for “disfiguring public appearance” is up to 3,000 Dirham ($816).

Hillary Clinton once suggested “droning” WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. According to a WikiLeaks tweet, she asked ”Can’t we just drone this guy?” during a meeting while she was secretary of state.

Toyota is releasing a chatty robot that keeps you company while you drive. It can adjust its conversation based on your mood and provide feedback on your driving skills.

For the first time in 45 years, a majority of Americans don’t support the death penalty. Beliefs are heavily split by political affiliation (paywall), with 34% of Democrats and 72% of Republicans still supporting execution.

Nigeria is missing $17 billion in oil. It was reportedly exported from the country without being properly declared.

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