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“For decades, researchers have downgraded speed reading as bogus,” reports Michael Tabb in the latest episode of his video series Exceptional Humans. “But now some scientists are saying it’s entirely possible—most of us are just doing it wrong.”

Speed reading is controversial, but Tabb visits a lab in Germany that claims to have preliminary evidence that speed reading is possible and that some strategies to read faster can work.

You can watch other episodes in our Exceptional Humans series here.


ETFs have exploded in popularity in recent years, offering investors a cheap way to hold a broad basket of assets. But their prevalence isn’t entirely positive. This week’s presentation charts the rapid rise of ETFs, which you can see in the slide below. It also explores the types of investors that ETFs attract, and the funds’ downsides.

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Think of this as a taste of next week’s field guide, which will be all about ETFs, and how they’ve changed the way stock markets function. It includes the story of an investor who learned the hard way what happens when liquidity in the ETF market dries up.


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