🎧 Tree planting: Sowing complacency

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🎧 Tree planting: Sowing complacency

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First up: Tree planting

Planting trees certainly seems like a wholesome, tidy way to make up for carbon emission. Take a flight? Plant a tree. Emissions: canceled.

But reforestation has gone from a radical political movement to a convenient corporate gimmick to encourage conscience-free consumption in the age of climate change. Tree planting isn’t just pretty unhelpful in offsetting carbon emissions—it might even be counterproductive.

Global editor Samanth Subramanian joins host Annalisa Merelli to find out if we just can’t see the forest for the trees.

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Fun fact

🌳 The first carbon offset purchase was made by a renewable energy company in the 1980s. The investment into an existing tree planting initiative was where the concept that a corporation could cancel out its emissions took root.

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