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Tree planting: Sowing complacency

Not only is tree planting not that helpful in offsetting carbon emissions—it might even be counterproductive

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Tree planting certainly seems like a wholesome, tidy way to make up for carbon emission. Take a flight? Plant a tree. Emissions: gone. But reforestation has gone from a radical political movement to a convenient corporate gimmick to encourage conscience-free consumption in the age of climate change. But not only is tree planting not that helpful in offsetting carbon emissions—it might even be counterproductive. Read the full transcript here. (Presented by EY)

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Annalisa Merelli is the host of season 4 of the Quartz Obsession podcast, and a senior reporter covering the intersection of inequality and healthcare. She is obsessed with romantic comedies, interspecies friendships, and having strong opinions about the way you make Italian food.

Samanth Subramanian is global news editor at Quartz. He is obsessed with submarine cables, PG Wodehouse, and King Lear adaptations.


Show notes

Asterix comics, featuring Dogmatix

One Trillion Trees initiative (Salesforce and the World Economic Forum)

Green Belt Movement

Verra, greenhouse gas crediting program

India’s 2015 Compensatory Afforestation Bill

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