900 million voters and over a million polling booths: History’s biggest election is on

Democracy reinforced.
Democracy reinforced.
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Spanning 29 states and seven union territories, India is readying to host a mammoth democratic event beginning tomorrow (April 11).

Voting for a new parliament will continue till May 19, the results of which will be announced on May 23. While prime minister Narendra Modi seeks a second term, rivals, including Indian National Congress president Rahul Gandhi, will seek to replace him.

Here’s a snapshot of what to expect, in numbers:


900 million: The massive number of people set to cast their vote in the world’s largest election

432 million: Women eligible to vote. It remains to be seen how many will show up. In 2014, a record two-thirds of the registered women voted

83 million: New voters

15 million: Voters aged 18 and 19

38,000: The number of voters from the transgender community

38: The number of days the entire process will last (from April 11 to May 19), of which voting will take place on 7 days.

General Elections
General election 2019.
Image: Election Commission of India

Polling booths

1.035 million: The total number of polling booths across India.

2: The maximum distance in kilometres from any given voter’s house to he nearest polling booth

3.96 million: Number of electronic voting machines (EVMs) in use this election

1.7 million: Paper trail or voter-verifiable paper audit trail machines. It is a documentary record of the voter having exercised his franchise

11 million: Election personnel being deployed to conduct polls

15,256: Height of the world’s highest polling station, in Tashigang, Himachal Pradesh, in feet

35: Kilometres an election team travels just so the only resident of the remote Gir National Forest in Gujarat, where Asiatic lions outnumber humans, can vote. The temple priest gets his own polling station, complete with an EVM

State of politics

2,293: The number of registered political parties

8,000: Number of candidates who have filed their nominations for the 543 Lok Sabha seats, so far

14.6 billion: The rupee value of cash, liquor, and drugs seized by the election commission this year till now

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