India’s grounded Jet Airways is on a hiring spree to make a comeback

Fly high again.
Fly high again.
Image: REUTERS/Punit Paranjpe
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India’s oldest private airline, preparing for a comeback, has begun hiring.

Jet Airways, which plans to relaunch in the first half of 2022, after being grounded for three years following a bankruptcy, has open vacancies for experienced trainers, captains, and co-pilots.

The airline had earlier hired more than 150 full-time employees and is now is looking to employ more before the financial year 2022 ends. Last month, interim Jet CEO Captain Sudhir Gaur made a sudden exit for unknown reasons.

When will Jet Airways fly again?

In its second innings, the airline plans to fly on domestic routes and then to foreign destinations in the second half of 2022. Before shutting operations, the carrier used to operate on 600 domestic and 380 international routes.

“Jet Airways 2.0 aims at restarting domestic operations by Q1-2022, and short-haul international operations by Q3/Q4 2022,” UAE-based entrepreneur Murari Lal Jalan has said in September 2021. He is a lead member of the London-based Jalan Kalrock Consortium and the proposed non-executive chairman of Jet Airways.

Jet has faced obstacles over issues like obtaining slots at some of the country’s busiest airports.

What will be new in Jet Airways 2.0?

The airline will now be based in Gurugram near Delhi instead of Mumbai. However, its new management has said it will continue to have a “significant” presence in the Maharashtra capital as well.

It will lease an all narrow-body aircraft fleet to restart its domestic operations.

Jet had said that it was also likely to lease over 50 aircraft in the next three years and more than 100 in five to fulfil both its short-term and long-term business plans.