Head to Mumbai to go on the world’s cheapest date

Maximum City is the cheapest.
Maximum City is the cheapest.
Image: Reuters/Arko Datta
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Despite Mumbai being one of the costliest cities in India, you could go on a date here that includes a meal, a movie, and a couple of beers for under $25.

According to the Cheap Date Index by Deutsche Bank, a date in India’s financial capital in 2015 will set you back only $24.7 (Rs1,554.7)—the cheapest among 31 cities in 19 countries that were included in the survey. In fact, the next two spots on the index also belong to Indian cities—Bangalore and Delhi.

A cheap date includes expenses for cab rides, McDonald’s burgers, soft drink, two movie tickets and a couple of beers. A similar outing will cost four to five times more in New York, London or Melbourne than it did in any of the cosmopolitan Indian cities.

To be sure, going to a McDonald’s may not be the most appealing prospect even for a cheap date. But Deutsche Bank’s Cheap Date Index is meant to be an indicator of price in different countries.

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