Narendra Modi is one of the most viewed Indian CEOs on LinkedIn

Image: Reuters/Amit Dave
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LinkedIn, which maintains an enormous database of and for professionals, believes that the Indian prime minister is a chief executive officer (CEO).

In this year’s Power Profile survey, the professional networking portal has named Narendra Modi among the most viewed CEOs in 2015—along with eight members of India Inc.

“CEOs steer a group of people in a direction, and as a leader, Modi is doing that for India. That’s why he has been clubbed under CEOs,” a LinkedIn India spokesperson told Quartz.

An avid user of social networking platforms, Modi has some 14.5 million followers on Twitter, and over one million followers on LinkedIn. His LinkedIn profile, says “(Modi’s) personal connect on the ground is complemented by a strong presence online where he is known as India’s most techno-savvy leader, using the web to reach people and bring about change in their lives.”

LinkedIn Power Profiles, which was last released in 2012, lists the most viewed profiles on the professional networking portal under eight categories—CEOs, internet, technology, finance, human resources (HR), telecommunications, marketing and advertising, and students.

Men outnumbered women in most categories in India—except students. The list of most viewed students includes six women as against three men. Most students in the list are from elite colleges like the Indian Institute of Technology, the Indian Institute of Management, Birla Institute of Technology and the Indian School of Business.

Here are the lists of LinkedIn Power profiles across five categories:

Most viewed Indian CEOs on LinkedIn in 2015 so far:

Most viewed Indian technology professionals:

Most viewed Indian HR professionals:

Most viewed Indian internet professionals:

Most viewed Indian students: