Twitter won’t let Vijay Mallya free, even if the banks did

Image: EPA/Divyakant Solanki
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One of India’s most high-profile businessmen, Vijay Mallya, has gone from setback to setback. His beleaguered airline, Kingfisher Airlines, owes over Rs9000 crore ($1.5 billion) to 17 banks.

Earlier this week, a consortium of banks filed a motion with the supreme court seeking an order to restrain Mallya from flying abroad as they feared it may stall the loan recovery proceedings. Unfortunately, the court was informed that Mallya—widely dubbed as India’s Richard Branson—had already left the country.

While banks struggle to recover their loans from the former chairman of liquor company United Spirits, Twitter has gone crazy with trolls about Mallya. His mounting debts, his extravagant lifestyle, his cricket team and his recent decision to leave the country—Twitter has a joke for everything.

Here are some:

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