Indians students prefer to work for RBI rather than American tech giants Amazon or Facebook

The favourite.
The favourite.
Image: AP Photo/Rafiq Maqbool
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Others may hanker for a job at Amazon and Facebook—known to be glamorous workplaces—but for Indian students, good old Reserve Bank of India (RBI) takes the cake.

A survey of 5,385 Indian business and commerce students shows that the country’s central bank is the most attractive employer, only behind Google and Apple. The survey was conducted by Universum, a firm that analyzes branding of employers.

Ranking third on the list, RBI trumps global behemoths such as Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and Goldman Sachs.

For Indian students, multinationals are almost always the preferred choice over government jobs. The RBI, though, is an exception.

The 81-year-old central bank recruits most of its entry-level employees through an entrance exam or from elite institutions like the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs).

Meanwhile, the list also had the State Bank of India (SBI)—the country’s biggest commercial lender—at the fifth spot. It is also one of the biggest employers in the country, with two lakh people working for it across 13,000 branches.