Indian shoppers check out 100 options before buying one item online

Image: EPA/Jaipal Singh
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How fussy are Indian shoppers when it comes to buying online?

The average Indian e-commerce customer looks at 100 options before buying a product, according to a recent study by mobile ads firm InMobi.

“For a single purchase to materialize, roughly 10 carts need to be filled,” InMobi said. The average size of a cart on an e-commerce portal is 10 items.

Even after arriving at a decision, the purchase is rarely made right way.

“Once a product gets on the wish list, an average shopper will purchase it within four hours,” said InMobi, which examined 3.2 million mobile transactions in India for its study. “However, once a product makes it to the cart, the time to checkout is reduced to around two hours.”

Shopping time

Last month, the Indian government tweaked regulations that will soon allow shops, banks, cinema halls, malls, restaurants and other commercial establishments to stay open 24 hours. Going by the trends in InMobi’s study, this may be highly beneficial for retailers.

Indians love shopping late at night. The peak time for online purchases in the country is between 10pm and 12am, the study showed.

Saturdays and Sundays are the favorite shopping days for mobile shoppers in India.