Her Global Network, a women’s club with franchises across 15 cities, attempts to create in-person intimacy with global relationships. “The idea is that you can travel anywhere and you will find friends and business contacts,” says its co-founder, 32-year-old Aleksandra Avli.

She started the invitation-only non-profit organization in 2014 in Stockholm, where she is based. Like Wildflower Collective, there is no membership fee to join the sisterhood, but more like the Wing, it prides itself on its exclusive who-knows-who membership roster, including 26-year-old Babba Canales—who was dubbed a “Swedish It Girl” by Vogue but would prefer to brag about her Forbes 30 Under 30 accolade.

Membership profiles vary by city, Avli explains, saying that New York City has plenty of corporate leaders, while the Berlin group boasts more freelance creatives. Her is about to launch a private social network for its 3,000 members to connect together.

The Tribe

You can also skip the Instagramming and small talk and go straight into business together—that was 28-year-old Lynne Guey’s intention when she started the Tribe, a nine-person group, with 28-year-old Alexandra Zatarain in 2013.

Guey and Zatarain had moved to New York City shortly after graduating from university. “The camaraderie part wasn’t what I was initially seeking behind the Tribe,” Guey admits. “My original intention behind creating the group was more for accountability than anything… A brain trust of sorts, for these ideas, similar to what men have in their investing clubs or venture groups when they talk shop, and we’d take action on the ideas that resonated most with us.”

Unlike Wildflower Collective or The Wing, which built their brands on Instagram, The Tribe didn’t have a web presence beyond an informal email chain. Zatarain eventually co-founded the venture-funded smart mattress company Eight Sleep and landed herself on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, and Guey left journalism to work as the Manhattan Borough Director at New York City Economic Development Corporation.

“We started off as a hodgepodge of lady acquaintances united by an ambition to do more,” Guey says. “What we formed was friendship and camaraderie instead.”

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