Slice compared sales the day after Patagonia’s statement to sales on Nov. 1, when no external factors such as Black Friday or other Patagonia-Trump news would have had an effect. (Slice doesn’t have sales figures from Patagonia itself, but from its retail partners.) Sales stayed unusually high the whole week, in fact, remaining at least five times greater that Wednesday and Thursday as well, GQ reports. Even compared to the week just before the statement, which included Cyber Monday, sales were 7% greater.

Patagonia has been at the forefront of a group of outdoor brands, including The North Face, bashing the Trump administration’s cuts to national monuments. Combined, those cuts remove protections from more than 2 million acres that are home to stunning natural landscapes and ancient sites deemed sacred by local Native American tribes. They’re now open to drilling and development for oil and gas, coal mining, and more.

Patagonia’s public attack drew an angry reply (paywall) from the House Natural Resources Committee, which posted its own statement a few days later. It accused Patagonia of using the issue to “sell more products to wealthy elitist urban dwellers from New York to San Francisco.”

There’s no indication that Patagonia had any financial motive, even if it is known as a shrewd marketer. In a statement, Patagonia called the House Natural Resources Committee’s criticism and suggestion that people shouldn’t buy Patagonia “obviously inappropriate.” It added that the response it has seen from its own customers has been “overwhelmingly positive.”

“This isn’t surprising because our customers, like us, want to see public lands and waters protected,” said Corley Kenna, a Patagonia spokesperson.

The brand has developed a loyal following in part because of its willingness to speak out on environmental and other issues. In the current US political climate, when even footwear has become politicized, customers demand to know what a brand’s values are. Patagonia is leaving no doubt about where it stands.

This story has been updated with a statement from Patagonia.

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