For example, Sfumato Amaro Rabarbaro, a smokey rhubarb bitter liquor which Indrani Sen mixes with equal parts red vermouth and rye on ice, and then tops with Gosling’s ginger beer.

The Rock

The American movie star and fitness guru’s undying gratitude, optimism, and “quest to shove everyone on Earth a little closer to greatness through sheer force of will,” was documented by Corinne Purtill. The Rock himself called this “a motivating read,” and I agree.

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Image: Invision/AP/Chris Pizzello

Posh breakfasts

 Anne Quito’s ritual of using an elaborate breakfast—often in a swanky hotel where she isn’t staying—as a cultural introduction to a new place is my favorite travel tip of the year.

Flying low-cost, long-haul

But do it right: If you follow Rosie Spinks’ tips for flying Norwegian (including when to pay a little more for a bulkhead seat, for example) the airline is every bit as good—if not better—than its competitors.

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Switching from coffee to tea

Numi Aged Earl Grey on the daily and Bellocq No. 47 when it’s treat time, with good milk and honey always.

The Leftovers

The Leftovers showed a way to outlive the despair of a chaotic world,” writes Adam Epstein, of the show’s final season. “Reach out into the dark and grab somebody’s hand.”


On Quartzy’s Instagram account, we’ve been posting five-word book reviews of our recommended reads, old and new. Kira Bindrim’s of Manhattan Beach has been stuck in my head like a song lyric, as I read the novel: “Mystery and history meet underwater.” Tag us @quartzy in yours!

Lady Bird

Starring Saoirse Ronan as a “delicious and daring weirdo” of a teenage girl who isn’t punished or ridiculed, this film made me laugh and cry, and got a unanimously positive critical reception.

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Image: Merrick Morton/Courtesy of A24

Dawn patrol

Dragging myself out of bed early to do something nice before work—ideally an hour of surfing, but often, just a 30-minute swim at the public pool—improved countless weekdays of 2017.

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Image: Getty/Al Bello


Setting aside time to do nothing also improved some days.

Really good candles

“I had a small, sturdy flame and snow falling outside my window,” writes Sarah Todd of her gateway candle. That one smelled like pancakes, but she’s since discovered high-end burnables that evoke Russian samovars and smoking birch. Get one!

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Image: Sarah Dennis for Quartz

Fake Christmas trees

And Jackie Bischoff’s argument for just making up your own traditions if the existing ones aren’t serving you.

GLOW and Big Little Lies

These two shows proved that great stories have multiple strong female characters—and they’re both getting second seasons.

GLOW Netflix
Image: Netflix

Laura Owens’ nature scenes

At the Whitney in New York, you can still witness the whimsical beauty of Laura Owens’ monkeys, bears, and butterflies.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

If this time of year finds you, like me, a little bit in the holiday spirit but also a little bit on the edge of a nervous breakdown, you might consider queuing up the Vince Guaraldi Trio’s classic album, A Charlie Brown Christmas and taking a few deep breaths. When I suggested as much on Instagram, one follower also recommended Elvis’s Classic Christmas Album for similar purposes.

I’ll be away next week—hopefully preparing to celebrate New Year’s Eve with caviar on potato chips and caramel sauce-soaked date cake—so you can look forward to a Dec. 29 letter from Quartz’s amazing Bot Studio editor, Emily Withrow. Thank you, readers, for being one of my bright spots in 2017. Have a great weekend and happy holidays!

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PS: Oh yeah, Christmas!

It’s on Monday. If you find yourself in need of a last-minute gift, don’t shell out for overnight shipping or fight the panic-shopping crowds. Instead, give your loved ones experiences, subscriptions, or memberships that will delight them well after the moment of unwrapping, which—as Marc Bain writes—we focus too much attention on. Think museum and zoo memberships, book club and newspaper subscriptions, concert and theater tickets, wine tastings and cooking classes, and crafty and sporty lessons to bring hobbies to the next level. Here’s a handy guide—and as Eshe Nelson writes, if you give an experience you can join in on, then you’ve given the rare gift of quality time. (Below, members of the Quartz product team demonstrated this principle at their recent pasta-making class.)

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Image: Leslie Nguyen

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