How to start 2018 off right, according to a wonderfully neurotic meme

All in the timing.
All in the timing.
Image: Reuters/Mark Kauzlarich
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Social media, upon which the world broadcasts its every thought and feeling, has spawned its share of godawful memes—with the caveat that some of them do turn out to be delightfully wholesome, literary, or purposeful. One surprisingly good meme that’s emerged in the last few weeks is an auditory guide to ringing in the new year: Hundreds of people, from celebrities to television PR teams to your average everyday Twitter-using perfectionist, have posted instructions to time certain songs and videos—quite precisely—so that a particular riff, line, or scene will play when the clock strikes midnight and 2018 begins.

Below are some of our favorite choose-your-own-adventure suggestions.

The earnest

The irreverent

And the Ed Sheeran