Sadly, the series was canned before it arrived at a proper ending—and that’s where the Amazon remake could come in. There’s simply no way an American version, no matter who’s involved, can match the audiovisual splendor and unfettered swagger of the British original. But it could perhaps give the series the conclusion it deserves.

That separates the Amazon project from most American remakes of perfectly good British dramas. Most of them ended well enough on their own, but the US TV industry still felt the need to remake them for American audiences (despite the two countries sharing a language). While some work out fine (VeepThe Office), many do not (remember America’s several pathetic attempts to remake Fawlty Towers?). At least with Utopia, there’s a storytelling imperative.

In a statement, Flynn hinted that her Utopia might be quite different from the British show. And that’s probably the only way to go, given the original’s panache.

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