Amy Schumer delivers a Saturday Night Live monologue fit for Mother’s Day

Playing it safe for mom.
Playing it safe for mom.
Image: Reuters/Mario Anzuoni
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For a comedian known for her outspoken, raunchy sets, Amy Schumer’s monologue on Saturday Night Live the night before Mother’s Day was surprisingly conservative.

The monologue by the actor, there to promote her upcoming movie I Feel Pretty, still featured a decent dose of trademark jokes about vaginas and jabs at men. But the majority of the set focused on her boyfriend’s lackluster marriage proposal, and the experience of getting married later in life. (“It’s New York. If you get engaged at 40, people are just like, ‘Whoa, teen bride, get to know him!'”)

The monologue fit the tone of the rest of last night’s episode, which largely stayed away from controversial topics, and included cast members’ mothers sharing a not-uncommon critique about how politics tends to dominate the show. Not everyone was pleased with the result: The AV Club said that Schumer “coasted on the warm milk vibe of the show’s Mother’s Day cold open.” For Fansided, the episode was a “tale of two halves,” where “the first handful of skits played it safe and were a little more vanilla than we’d expect from Schumer.” Others praised the episode’s change in routine and focus on female players.

Watch the monologue below: