They’re doing it. They’re really rebooting “ALF”

Image: Warner Bros.
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Hollywood has really gone and done it now.

Warner Bros. Television is developing a reboot of the classic 1980s sitcom ALF, according to a TVLine report. The series followed the shenanigans of Gordon Shumway, nicknamed “ALF,” a furry alien creature who crash lands in suburban California and takes up residence with a middle-class family. Alf likes to eat cats, has eight stomachs, and is generally a large inconvenience to the family, but they grow to love and protect him. ALF aired 99 episodes on NBC between 1986 and 1990.

According to Variety, no writer or network is attached to the project yet, but one idea for the reboot is to have ALF emerge from Area 51, where he’s been held captive since the end of the original sitcom. There’s no word on whether or not puppeteer and voice actor Paul Fusco will reprise his role as the sarcastic alien.

ALF has enjoyed something of a pop culture renaissance in recent years, despite the series ending almost three decades ago. The character has guest-starred on a number of shows, including The SimpsonsThe Big Bang Theory, and, most recently, Mr. Robot. Apparently there is something indelible about a pesky snout-faced creature from the planet Melmac.

While this might seem like a thoroughly uninspired reboot that absolutely no one asked for, it fits into the hottest trend in television: revivals of classic 1980s and 1990s sitcoms. RoseanneFull House, and Will & Grace have already been rebooted, while rumors continue to swirl around a potential revival of Frasier and many, many others.

Reboots are easy. They’re free ideas that come with built-in fan bases and an inimitable nostalgia factor, which original series require years to earn—and are often canceled before they get the chance to do so.

But ALF? Seriously? What’s next, The Flying Nun?! (Probably.)