John Stanley, the proprietor of my local wine shop and bar—where spritzes are very much in season—shared some ideas for riffing on the recipe. Spritzes are a great way to play with amaros—try one with the Italian classic CioCiaro, or the handsomely labeled Californian Amaro Angeleno. Or swap out amaro for vermouth—Stanley suggests a Barolo Chinato like Cocchi for those who like bold, bitter flavors, a Spanish one such as Primitivo Quiles for those who favor spice, or the French Dolin Génépy for a light, herbaceous flavor.

Do try this at home. And have a great weekend!

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PS: Go see Sorry to Bother You!

I already did, but I may see it for a second time this weekend. On Twitter and in interviews, director Boots Riley has talked about how he wanted his movie’s “every frame and every scene to have something for you,” to be packed with Easter eggs like great books are—and oh my god, did he achieve it. This movie is not just a completely original and wacky surrealist criticism of capitalist society, it’s entertaining, hilarious, and a feast for the eyes. You could see this for Tessa Thompson’s wardrobe alone. Or Terry Crews’ facial hair. Or Armie Hammer’s sarong, or Lakeith Stanfield’s everything. But really, see it for the story, and then let’s talk about it.

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