This $150 “Influencer” Halloween costume is a sure sign of the times

Kim is that you? You’re doing amazing sweetie.
Kim is that you? You’re doing amazing sweetie.
Image: Urban Outfitters
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Have you been struggling to crack the code of internet immortality?

Well, this Halloween, you can be an Instagram influencer for a day—or at least look like one. The millennial-focused retailer Urban Outfitters is selling a full “Influencer Halloween Costume Set,” pictured above, for $155 plus tax, and I have to say it’s kind of genius.

Just $59 gets you the base, a “low-key costume set worthy of a superstar influencer”—a pair of Yeezy-esque grey leggings and a sports bra. To accessorize, swipe a $10 black baseball cap, $16 blonde wig (Kim Kardashian circa 2017), and a pair of chunky white Fila Disruptors for $70 (the Fila’s you might already have—the rebooted 1996 dad shoe has made a huge comeback in recent months.)

Behold, you’re only a pair of oversized sunnies away from nailing the ultimate influencer look:

While Urban isn’t providing Dior saddlebags to complete the costume, the retailer is tapping to something pretty interesting, namely, the meteoric rise of influencers in our culture. Five years ago, if you labeled yourself an “influencer” most people would be baffled, but in today’s world sharing content on your Instagram profile in exchange for money or free things (usually both) is an actual job and a distinct lewk.

And since the spooky Halloween costume is officially doomed—replaced by whatever happens to be á la mode in pop culture—the Instagram influencer may be the scariest costume to wear in 2018.