The “Call Me By Your Name” sequel can’t find a name. The internet has some ideas

They are “1000% in.”
They are “1000% in.”
Image: Sony Pictures Classics
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Fans of Call Me By Your Name will be pleased to know that a sequel to last year’s romance is in the cards. Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer, who played a teenage boy and young man who fall in love one summer in a gorgeous rambling mansion in Italy, say they are “1000% in” to reprise their roles. And in a recent New Yorker profile, director Luca Guadagnino revealed he’s looking to cast Dakota Johnson—the star of his Suspiria remake—as the wife of Hammer’s character Olivier.

But something stands between us and another fix of sun-dappled Mediterranean romance: Guadagnino can’t think of a name for the sequel. “The only problem is the title,” he said. “It cannot be Call Me By Your Name 2.”

The internet—and the Quartz newsroom—were quick to offer title suggestions. Some liked the idea of completing the line that gave André Aciman’s original novel its title, by simply calling the next installment And I’ll Call You By Mine.

But there were plenty of other ideas:

Quite a few referenced the infamous peach scene from the original film:

Some took their inspiration from Hollywood’s classic sequels:

Another of last year’s critically-acclaimed movies, Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird, got some attention too:

And with the sequel set to take place a number of years later, perhaps Elio and Oliver will have found a whole new way to keep in touch:

The fine journalists of Quartz had plenty of suggestions too:

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