Our “Game of Thrones” poll accurately predicted the characters died at King’s Landing

Quartz death poll: Who is the next character to die in Game of Thrones
Quartz death poll: Who is the next character to die in Game of Thrones
Image: Quartz
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This post contains spoilers for season 8 episode 5 of Game of Thrones.

The Iron Throne War went down last night, and resulted in almost all of King’s Landing being sacked at the hands of Daenerys Targaryen. You may not have expected that plot development, but the characters our readers believed most likely to die last night ultimately did—they got it right again.

Here’s Quartz’s Game of Thrones death pool, which 1,738 readers had filled out by the time the fifth episode of season 8 aired, guessing the order of the HBO show’s central characters’ deaths. (You can still rank the remaining characters here.)

And here’s how Quartz readers, on average, ranked the 10 main characters:

Our readers accurately predicted the most doomed characters: Jaime Lannister, who received most death votes, died with his sister and lover Cersei Lannister, who received the second most votes.

The average could only tell us so much, however. As the distribution of rankings show, readers have in recent weeks accumulated consensus on how likely main characters are to die.

Here’s the distribution of how the other characters were ranked this past week:

There’s only one GOT episode left, though that’s plenty of time for additional deaths. Get your predictions ready, and cast your votes here.