Watch: HR exec InaMarie Johnson on better calculating DEI accountability

The latest episode of our Make Business Better livestream

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It’s about time the corporate world starts treating its employees with the same respect it gives its customers. InaMarie Johnson, the former chief people and diversity officer at Zendesk, knows that if DEI initiatives are going to be impactful, they need to receive the same attention and rigor any other OKR is given. The time has come to move away from the once-a-year checklist to always-on trainings that ensure execs and employees are consistently equipped with the right skillset to build an inclusive culture and combat any bias that emerges.

In this episode of Make Business Better, Johnson breaks down how to integrate a DEI lens into a business’ strategy at large. She says that arranging tangible objectives for hiring, bias training, and psychological safety creates an environment in which employees can confidently contribute to what comes next.

Make Business Better: Quartz CEO Zach Seward in conversation with Zendesk’s InaMarie Johnson

Follow her conversation with Quartz CEO Zach Seward to see why equipping leaders, from middle-management to the C-suite, with the necessary DEI skills is an essential part of ensuring your employees can bring their 100%.


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