A judge granted Madonna’s request to block the sale of a love letter Tupac sent her from prison

A prayer for relief explaining Madonna’s consultant was a sneak.
A prayer for relief explaining Madonna’s consultant was a sneak.
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🎶 Life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone. 🎵

 🎹 Madonna read her name. 🗞️

🎸 And it felt like…someone stole from her homes. 🏠 🏘️ 🏡

[Chorus: Madonna explains]

Madonna affirmation.

 Madonna filed a prayer 🙏 for relief and a conversion summons.

✋ Down on her knees, she sought to halt the auction. 🛑

❣️In the midnight hour, she could feel justice’s power. 💪

🙏 Just like a prayer, she recited her litany. 🎤

Madonna affirmation.

Madonna’s art consultant, 🎨 Darlene Lutz, seemed like an angel. 👼🏼

But for selling her stuff. 👙

🎵  The star raised her voice, she had no choice. 🎙️

⏲️ It felt like time. 🕗

👀 Don’t close your eyes. Oh Judge! Madonna called. 🎻

 That stuff is mine 👁️ don’t close your eyes.

Heaven help me!

[Chorus: Madonna lays out the goods she never gifted]

Madonna affirmation

👿 Unlike a child, Lutz whisked away 🔬 DNA 💔, letters 💌, lingerie.👙

👨‍⚖️ You’re in control, Madonna told the judge. 👨‍⚖️

Now … 🥁 … her wish is granted.

 Like a dream, relief! ⏰ But not the end, just beginning. 🕰️

🕛 There will be more hearings 🥋 in the coming season.

[Chorus: Judge Gerald Lebovits halts sale of memorabilia]

Madonna order.

Let Justice sing. ⚖️

🙉 Just like a prayer 🙊 she’s always answering. 🙈

Just like it should be, piercing through mystery. 🔭

Just like a dream ☁️ things are not what they seem.

Just like a prayer 🙏 no choice, Madonna used her voice.

Just like a prayer 📿, she got what she sought if not a dream. 🙀