Apple has sold 1.2 billion iPhones since launching the device a decade ago

Wait till you see the iPhone 8.
Wait till you see the iPhone 8.
Image: Lucy Nicholson/Reuters
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In a little bit more than a decade, Apple has sold 1.17 billion iPhones, the company announced today in its third-quarter earnings report. Just over a year ago, Apple broke the 1 billion mark. That’s nearly one iPhone for every person in China, or one in three people globally with internet access.

In the most recently completed quarter, iPhone sales increased by 2% compared to the same quarter a year earlier. This steady performance occurred despite the fact the phone’s design hasn’t changed much in its last few iterations, and many people are likely holding out for the much anticipated tenth-anniversary edition expected in September.

As my colleague Mike Murphy pointed out, iPhone sales in the third quarter accounted for the smallest percentage of Apple’s total revenue than they have in the preceding 12 quarters—about 55%, whereas some recent quarters have been closer to 70%.  Despite that, the company posted strong results, thanks largely to a booming services business.