23 minutes is the right amount of time to spend on Facebook

But how will he answer pointed questions?
But how will he answer pointed questions?
Image: Robert Galbraith/Reuters
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Social media is a great way to connect with family, friends, and strangers around the globe, but spending too much time on any platform can create dissatisfaction.

Moment app asks a user if she is happy with her Instagram usage.
Image: Kevin Holesh/Moment

Data collected by Moment, an iPhone app that tracks app usage, shows that people who spend less time on social media apps are on average more satisfied with their experience than people who spend more.

For each social media app, Moment periodically prompts users to answer yes or no to whether they are happy with the time they are spending on the platform. Roughly 13,600 users responded in the last three months (though different apps received different numbers of ratings). The data collected is shown below.

As the charts suggest, it seems that people who on average spend more time on social media say they aren’t happy with their experience. “There is a happiness breaking point for each app,” Kevin Holesh, Moment’s founder and developer, told Thrive Global in April. For Facebook, it’s around 23 minutes; for Instagram, it’s around 31 minutes. If you use the app past that threshold, it may no longer be worth your time.