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What would a first aid kit for our mind look like? That’s a question London-based designer Rui Sun tried to answer with her “Emotional First Aid Kit,” a package of fun objects that people can play with to get comfort and relief in stressful situations.

Sun’s kit includes a mask that emits calming floral scents. There’s a pair of kaleidoscope glasses to help you look at things differently. A loudspeaker turns your shouts into bursts of blue ink (similar to this tear gun that weaponizes your tears.) Watch the video above to see more products in her tool kit.

Sun says she intentionally picked bright colors for her products to emphasize that dealing with mental stress doesn’t have to be a heavy subject. She hopes people will use her tools to relieve daily pressures “in a playful and dramatic way.”

The tool kit is just an art project for now. But Sun says she plans to carry out more research to improve the functionality of the products, and hopes in the future that the kit can be used in workshops by professional psychiatrists, to help make counseling more interactive and fun.