Everything you need to know about the solar eclipse that’s happening right now

Heads up.
Heads up.
Image: Reuters / Mike Blake
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It’s time! Grab your popcorn and special glasses—the solar eclipse has finally arrived. To make your eclipse viewing experience the best it can be, here are all the stories Quartz has published about the solar eclipse to serve as your guide:

1. Total eclipse of the sun: A complete guide to the 2017 solar eclipse


2. Watch the Great American Eclipse live, no matter where you are in the world


3. What will happen if you look at the solar eclipse without glasses


4. How to DIY a simple eclipse viewer out of a cereal box if you don’t have glasses


5. How to photograph the total solar eclipse—with your phone or camera


6. There’s a total solar eclipse. Here are your horoscopes


7. Fear not, there will be more solar eclipses in your lifetime


8. Witnessing an eclipse is so overwhelming it has created a global community of “addicts”


9. Eclipse maps of the past show the evolution of science and civilization


10. How ancient cultures explained eclipses


11. Not everyone is as excited about the eclipse as humans


12. All the planes that will have a view of the solar eclipse


13. A soundtrack to the solar eclipse that eclipses all other eclipse soundtracks


14. Millions of Americans will have a better view of the solar eclipse than astronauts in space


15. Amazon is warning customers and refunding unreliable eclipse glasses sold on its site


16. Astronomers approved more safe solar glasses vendors for eclipse watchers


17. On eclipse day 2017, a text-message chat between the sun and the moon


18. An astronomer who’s seen 14 eclipses is ready for her biggest eclipse chase yet